Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ongoing Project

Artists, send one video art DVD to N.V.A.P, 2657 Fuller Terrace, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, B3K 3V8 for participation in Northern Video Art Port, a domestic video art exchange service. videos must be the work of the sender and must be accompanied by one self-addressed padded envelope, sufficiently stamped to secure Canada's greatest postal distances. Do not include a bio, C.V, or statement. With every video the artist submits to N.V.A.P (a maximum of three, independently mailed), they will receive another artist's video in return that they are obligated to screen privately or publicly. N.V.A.P will not inform the artist of the new location of their video, however, the artist's contact information will be provided to the receiver. Contact is not necessary. N.V.A.P requests that receivers refrain from asking the artist for a bio, C.V, or statement in relation to the N.V.A.P video screening. Senders should not expect the return of their work. N.V.A.P is for video art senders and receivers in Canada only. Payment for N.V.A.P's services are encouraged but not necessary. 

I've been working on N.V.A.P for the past nine months or so. I've been taking it pretty easy, only putting the call out occasionally on Instant Coffee, but I'm still a little surprised by how few submissions I've received. I understand that the call is not exactly warm, but I'm keeping it the way it is. This project isn't just about my interest in the postal system, mail art and video art, but it also serves to reject a certain kind of call for submissions that I see dozens of every week in this country. First of all, thematic calls are out of control. One can't just submit their fantastic artwork. No, the work must be about "pluralities", "liquidity" or should explore the "vertical manifestation of the pedagogies of placeness". In addition to the work, the artist must submit a number of things like a curriculum vitae and an artist statement. I understand that that's normal, but I just want to unclog the system a little. With N.V.A.P, if the artist can actually get their video to me, I'm interested.